Fish Oil Found Helpful for Diabetics and Others

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November is Diabetes awareness month. During this month, health professionals are educating diabetics on ways to reduce the impact of this disease on the nervous system, cardiovascular system and digestive system. It is even more imperative that we educate everyone on the prevention of the disease altogether.

Over 2,000 studies now exist which reveal the benefits of EPA and DHA long-chain fatty acids that are found abundantly in fish. The benefits include stronger cell membranes and connections between nerve cells, stable and pliable blood vessels, more effective utilization and tolerance of glucose, and anti-inflammatory properties--all of which are important to diabetics and others alike. Researchers now estimate that about 60% of Americans are deficient in EPA/DHA and 20% have so little that it cannot be detected in the blood streams.

This is a malnutrition epidemic in America that can be linked, not only to diabetes, but to many other growing disorders we have seen in the past 20 years. For example, a Purdue University study linked EPA/DHA deficiencies to hyperactivity and learning disorders in children. Other reports link the lack of this healthy fat to depression, weight gain, heart disease, arthritis, allergies, cancer and many other diseases that have been growing rampantly in our society. Unfortunately, due to mercury and other heavy metal toxicity in our waters, fish are contaminated and, according to the FDA, should not be eaten more than once per week. Therefore, we are left with the option of supplementation as our source of the necessary daily intake of EPA/DHA.

Fish oil is the best form of Omega-3 fat for us to consume. It is estimated that the body 10 times more effectively utilizes fish oil than flaxseed oil supplementation. Use caution when purchasing the EPA/DHA since many companies produce it, but only a handful produce a product that is detoxified and 100% mercury free. For more information on this, please contact Dr. Noble Allman, Chiropractic Physician at (513) 727-2540. We can also be reached at and

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