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Now that vacation season is upon us, I thought it would be a good idea to touch on the subject of travel. Many of us will be spending hours sitting in a car or airplane as we travel to our destinations. Sitting for hours can create many problems for our bodies—everything from stress to misalignments and blood clots. Any time you will be traveling long distances, it is important to take precautions in order to avoid or minimize health issues. Even in the most comfortable car or airplane seat, there are certain pressures and forces from awkward positions and prolonged sitting that can cause problems.
One serious concern that we have been hearing more about recently is deep vein thrombosis; which is a blood clot that forms in a deep vein—usually in a thigh or calf. This is a very serious complication that is sometimes being tied to passengers who travel on long flights; especially coach passengers where the seating is often cramped and there is limited opportunity to move around. Since the thrombosis can break loose and travel to the lung, it can be deadly. A suggestion to help ensure that your travel experience is more pleasant and healthy would be to take a brisk walk before getting on the plane or into the car.

Other suggestions to keep in mind for plane travel are: Stand up as often as possible. Change your position in the seat as much as you can to improve circulation. Use pillows or blankets behind your back and neck to maintain the proper curves in your spine. Don’t force bags, etc. when stowing them under the seat. Check in all of your heavy luggage. When putting luggage in the overhead compartment, stand squarely and don’t twist. When traveling in a car: Proper adjustment of your seat is very important—you should sit close enough that you aren’t reaching for the wheel. Your knees should be a little higher than your hips. If your car doesn’t have a lumbar support, you can use a pillow for your low back. Move your legs, toes, hands and arms as much as possible. Stop often to avoid being overly fatigued. With a few extra precautions and attention, you may prevent many injuries and health issues that might result from your travel this summer.

If you do experience problems with your spine because of too many hours of sitting, please give Dr. Noble Allman, Chiropractic Physician, at (513) 727-2540. You can also reach us at www.allmanchiropractic.com and drallman@allmanchiropractic.com.

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