Temporary Pain Relief

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Are you experiencing pain, soreness or stiffness from muscle strain, arthritis or injury? Many Health Care Professionals carry a product that you may find to be very beneficial. It works on the theory of cold therapy. Those who specialize in sports medicine recommend applying cold to muscles and joints that are sore or fatigued after physical exertion.

When muscles, tendons or ligaments are injured, the collagen that they are made of is torn, and blood cells and fluid escape into the spaces among the muscle fibers—which you can often see as a swollen, bruised area. When cold therapy is applied to the injured area, the flow of this fluid is decreased, which reduces the bleeding and swelling—and the release of the chemicals that cause pain and inflammation is reduced. Since cold reduces the bleeding and swelling of injured tissue, it is best when used within the first 48 hours after an injury.

But cold is also a recommended therapy for the relief of pain and discomfort of painful joints, arthritis pain, sports injury, nagging aches and muscle sprain/strain. BIOFREEZE was created specifically for sore, stiff muscles and joints by an internationally known chemist. BIOFREEZE is a greaseless, stainless analgesic (gel or spray) that doesn’t have any lingering odor. It contains ILEX, menthol, camphor and other natural herbs. Although BIOFREEZE is not intended to take the place of ice, it can be used at those times when you don’t have access to ice or whenever you would just like some temporary relief from sore muscles or joint discomfort. Don’t use ice and BIOFREEZE at the same time.

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