MACF Thirteenth Annual Meeting

The Thirteenth Annual Meeting of the Monroe Area Community Foundation was held Thursday, April 15, 2010, in the James Monroe Community Room.

Master of ceremonies was John Singleton, executive director. He introduced three guests: Dr. Elizabeth Lolli, superintendent of Monroe Local Schools; Suzi Rubin, Monroe City Council member and owner, publisher, and editor of the Monroe Observer; and T. Duane Gordon, executive director of Middletown Community Foundation. Mr. Gordon informed the audience that the MCF's umbrella of investments and direction also include those of the Monroe Area Community Foundation. He shared the current financial report received from the investment company indicated there was a 35% increase in value over the previous report. It included a grant for $1000 to the Monroe Optimist Club for promoting the 2009 Christmas on the Plaza event. Mr. Gordon stressed that other grant requests and applications for scholarships from Monroe are welcome. He said there have been previous Monroe recipients of these awards and scholarships from the Middletown Community Foundation.

The Trustees' meeting was conducted by Ernest Howard, MACF Trustee and president of the foundation, who asked John Singleton to lead the attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance. The minutes and treasurer's report were previously submitted to trustees and were approved as such.

Trustee/Vice President of the foundation, Gloria Miltenberger, announced that Jane Majors, David Miltenberger, and Gina R. Miltenberger were elected by members' ballots to serve for a three-year term on the MACF Board of Trustees.

During the business meeting, the trustees approved the recommendation of the Distribution Committee for a grant awarded for the first quarter of 2010. John Singleton, standing in for Jamie Pierce who was unable to attend, reported that Cheryl Miller, Interim Athletic Director of Miami University/ Middletown, requested a grant for dugouts and fencing for the backstops at the ball diamond in the land next to the old high school building. It will be used by MUM, in a partnership with the Monroe Local Schools and the Monroe youth program. Miami University/Middletown is upgrading the ball fields with dugouts, fencing and other amenities to be used by the baseball and softball teams of MUM as well as the youth baseball and softball programs of the Monroe community. The recommendation of the Distribution Committee was to award a $250 grant to MUM to be used toward dugouts or fencing. A motion was made by Trustee Elbert Tannreuther to approve this request and recommendation, seconded by Trustee Gloria Miltenberger and passed by unanimous vote of the trustees. This grant will be paid from the MACF Endowment Fund.

The MACF awarded the Monroe High School Band Association $2,500 from the MACF Maitland Fund for additional band uniforms because of the increasing members in the band. This grant was approved at the previous meeting and was funded from the Maitland Advised Fund under the MACF.

Mr. Singleton introduced the guest speaker, Elaine Garver, who is a new trustee on the MACF board. Mrs. Garver spoke about being involved with a United Way group, Women Living United, who are promoting the Dolly Parton's Imagination Library to the children of different school districts. This program is already in existence in the Middletown School District. Any child from birth to age five receives a book every month, at no cost to the recipient or his or her family. The books are mailed directly to the child's home each month so every child until age five can have books of their own. The hope is someone will read or show them to the child. The books selected are apropriate for the child's age, as long as they are in the school district of the program. MACF will help support and obtain this program for our Monroe Local School District's children. Recipients must apply and sign up eligible children with the Dolly Parton's Imagination Library to receive these books. More information will be available soon, although it is projected to begin in Monroe in late 2010 or early 2011. Flyers being used for the Middletown School District were displayed by Mrs. Garver. They are similar to the one that will be printed for the Monroe Local School District.

A highlight of every MACF Annual Meeting is the announcement of the Cornerstone Award winner. This year Trustee Elbert Tannreuther presented the Eleventh Cornerstone Award to Steve and Rhonda Posey of Posey Properties Company. Mr. Tannreuther said Steve and Rhonda have been great supporters of the Monroe community and are well deserving recipients. By providing buildings for companies to settle in Monroe, they created many jobs. As they say, "Build it and they will come." In addition to supporting many events here, they have offered office facilities to the Monroe Area Community Foundation for over ten years, rent free. Many of their contributions have been done without any fanfare or recognition. Their son, Zach, daughter, Teagan, and grandson, Wyatt, are working along with Steve and Rhonda to continue to help people and our community. Mr. Tannreuther presented a Cornerstone Award plaque enscribed with Steve and Rhonda Posey as recipients of the Eleventh Year Award. A dozen yellow roses were also given to Mrs. Posey.

In accepting the award, Steve Posey thanked the foundation. He said their association with Monroe and its leaders has been one of positive direction. Mr. Posey expressed that he was raised to follow the path of helping others without expecting anything in return; and his family continues to follow the same path.

David Miltenberger, MACF trustee and secretary, recognized Virginia Smith, Jane Majors, and Pam Kilburn for providing delicious refreshments served during the evening. He also thanked everyone who helped plan and assist in the evenings activities and instructed everyone to look on page 17 of the distributed 2009 Annual Report at their seat. If their page 17 had a flower sticker on it, they won the table centerpiece of lavender chrysanthemums at their table. There were eight centerpieces in all.

Emcee John Singleton thanked everyone for coming to the meeting, as well as Ron and JoAnn Tubbs for serving as photographer and technical advisor. Upon a motion by Trustee Elbert Tannreuther, seconded by newly elected Trustee Gina R. Miltenberger, the meeting was adjourned.

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