Ohio Achievement Testing

State testing will take place at Monroe Elementary in April. The following are the dates for specific grade levels:
3rd Grade: Reading - April 20;  Math - April 22
4th Grade: Reading - April 20; Math - April 22
5th Grade: Reading: April 19; Math - April 21; Science - April 23
6th Grade: Reading April 19; Math - April 21st
Test Taking Tips
• Sleep – Get a good night’s sleep
• Breakfast – Eat a good protein breakfast.
• Relax – It is too late to worry about testing, now relax and SHOW what you have LEARNED throughout the YEAR! If you get nervous, take a few deep breaths slowly to relax yourself
• On Time – Make sure that you are to school on time. This could cause some additional anxiety.
• Re-Read – When taking a test, always remember to read and reread the questions to make sure the answers match the question. This is extremely important in multiple choice questions and extended response questions.
• Underline – When reading the questions and/or reading passage, it is important to underline important parts that are relevant to the questions going to be answered. Some teachers believe it is important to read the questions before reading the passage so you know what you are looking for in the passage.
• Take Your Time – The Ohio Achievement Assessment is a 2 ½ hour test that incorporates problem solving and other skills learned throughout the year. It is important to slow down and not let the time concern affect your critical thinking skills.
• Check – Go back and check your work to make sure: 1) all questions are answered and nothing is blank, 2) all questions that are 2 and 4 point questions have 2 and 4 points worth of detailed information.
• Enjoy – Enjoy the opportunity to show the teachers, the parents, the principal, the state, and yourself how much you have learned this year.

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