6th Grade Cheerleaders 2nd in Tennessee

The 6th grade cheerleaders received a 2nd place in the "Battle in Rocky Top" Cheerleading Competiton in Knoxville, Tennessee. This was the first competition for the squad and was held in conjuction with a football tournament in Knoxville. The football team also attended the girls' competiton and cheered them on. The team is coached by Tracy Yalich with assistant coach Melissa Hammond.

The cheerleaders are (in alphabetical order): Delaney Barker, Kalle Blevins, Kerry Butler, Samantha Callihan, Emily Chasteen, Claudia Fussnecker, Cameron Hammond, Jennifer Horvat, Lauren Johnson, Hannah Lawson, Hanna Long, Sadie Long, Abbey Martin, Paige Ross, Alexa Sibcy, Tarin Yalich.



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