A Parent's Role for Success in School

by Sandy Kalisewicz, Monroe Elementary

It is team time!   Time for the most important team, the educational team with the goal of making your child's school year outstandingly successful. Just as a sports team, make sure your child comes to school with the supplies, equipment needed and the attitude of a winner.

To make sure your child gets off to a good start:  

  • Get the supplies list for your child's grade and purchase the items. Your little team winner needs specific materials and equipment
  • Establish your child's winner attitude by being positive and enthusiastic about school.  Parents' attitude does influence the child's attitude. Parents can motivate and inspire enthusiasm just as any good coach can.
  • Be clear on expectations and structure at home.  Set a specific time and a special place for your child to do homework - just as a team has clear and specific practice times.
  • Have a reasonable and consistent bedtime.  Teams don't do well when they are tired.
  • Eat a good breakfast.  Good performance and good nutrition go hand in hand.

These are ongoing tasks throughout the whole year.


Parents, what is your role?  You decide.  Are you the coach, the assistant coach or a bystander?.

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