8th Grade Poetry

The following are poems submitted by Mrs. Burchfield's class.

Reality Check

by Elizabeth A. Miller

They walk the streets alone
With no body and no home
They call out to us for some help
But we’re too wrapped up in ourselves
To bother to listen.
We turn away
We don’t even notice
How the world has changed

Our children are starving
The air is unclean
But for many of us
These events go unseen

Scared and alone
Children are crying
Uncared for and polluted
Our Earth is now dying

Families are fighting
Where do teenagers go?
Some abused and neglected
Or left out in the snow

Our animals, too
They’re abandoned and cold
With no one to love them
Or a place to call home

Reality check —
What are we gonna do?
About the issues we face
’Cause they could happen to you, too

Reality check —
This isn’t your life alone
The choices you make
Affect your family and home

Reality check —
Now it’s your time to fight
It’s up to us to change the world
and change back what’s right.


by Joy Valdez

You can never go back in time
The clock ticks and ticks
A few seconds of your life just passed by
This may not seem like a big deal
But time creeps up on you
Slowly capturing you in its engulfing arms
You can never go back in time
’Cause once it’s gone, it’s gone.


by Kensey Brombaugh

Listen to the rain’s song,
what it tries to tell us every time it comes.

Listen to the sky’s sadness,
and get a taste of nature’s tears

Have your own interpretation
of nature’s love melody

And know you’ll never hear the same song again,
you can’t play it on any fancy instrument,
nor can you remember every beat

The rain’s song is individual,
just like we should be unique

You can’t explain nor interpret the -beauty in it’s voice,
so listen to the rain’s song
and listen to what it has to say

Listen to the sky’s sadness,
and get a taste of nature’s tears


by Ashley Faulk

Life is like a river
Sometimes it goes with the current
Other times there are rocks in the way
They mess up the flow and life doesn’t go
The way you want it to and you feel like the world hates you
The years go by and there’s wear and tear
In the end you’re only bigger and stronger
but rivers die down and life slowly fades
As the seasons change.

I Am Not

by Alanah VanCleve

I am not me,
I am a figment,
a figment of your imagination.
I am not me.
I am a reflection,
a reflection of you.
I am not me,
and yet I am.

Science Day

by David Irwin

Worry, fear – anxiety fills me
Study, learn – about a new topic
Problem, hypothesis – focus the subject
Write, revise – about knowledge gained

Study, learn – about a new topic
Think, present – speak with authority
Write, revise – about knowledge gained
Listen, answer – questions from others

Think, present – speak with authority
Problem, hypothesis – focus the subject
Listen, answer – questions from others
Worry, fear – anxiety fills me

America’s Game

by Jake Little

Metal bats shine in the summer light,
Teams work hard day and night.
Playing through rain and snow,
They won’t stop until they make it to The Show.
The outfield is a vast yard of green,
Pitchers stare down a batter with a look so mean.
Fans sit and wait for a moment to cheer,
From teams far and near.
Balls are hit hard to the ground,
The ball hits the glove with a soft sound
Some of them steal bases,
Yet when they reach the base they look down and check their laces.
Many people love this game,
Only a few ever make it to the Hall of Fame.
Baseball is a game that seems to linger,
With everybody working hard to get the ring on their finger.


by Gayle Bryan

The frosted glass icy underneath my touch
While the scent of hot chocolate enchants me
Watching beautiful ballerinas twirl and land gracefully on
the soft wet ground beneath them.
Lights twinkle all around me adding the perfect glow
Cookies made fresh with family love and happiness
The tall evergreen entices the cat as it curls up underneath

I gaze at all these things from my safe window seat
Tucked under a blanket so cozy and warm
Not far away the fire crackles with stories in every flame
My eyes droop with every tick of the grandfather clock
Sleigh bells ring in the distance or did I imagine
Sleep overcomes me like an ocean wave
This time I let it carry me away


by Alex Hall

She is tall and mighty
fierce and rough
she makes the trip brutal and tough

Through long grueling days
we climb to her mighty peak
I get lost in her
for what seems like a week

The trip is long, bitter and cold
she tests us in every way, shape or form
making us all be very bold

She had put us to the test
but now we’ve climbed to her mighty crest
She made us do our very best
and now we’ve climbed Everest

Big Fish Story

by Clifford Nuce

Sitting in my boat
Floating down the coast
What I love the most
Is fishing in my boat
Fish swam by
As I watched the night sky
My oh my
I’ll have to tell my buddies a lie


by Emily Black

Softly frozen rain drops dripping to the ground.
White as new sheets of printing paper.
Soaking your clothes – Covering cars along the road.
Filling the green patches that were left behind.
Freezing your trembling toes and fingers as you go out and play.
Making it hard to walk as it keeps covering everything.
Making your nose run while the cold breeze flows;
at your face with snow going in your eyes.
Making cocoa to warm your mouth. Sip sip sip there it all goes.


by Jake Breen

D is for Dreams, 
The NFL selects a few
R is for Ready,
For my dreams to come true.
E is for Excellence,
Hard work is the key.
A is for Ability, 
I will have to wait and see.
M is for Mission, 
I’m ready to begin.
S is for Star, 
A NFL player in the end.


by Jonathan Caudell

Lost with the wind
Gone with sorrow
Today is my darkest
There will be no tomorrow

Gone forever, dead inside
My heart was severed, a great divide
All was lost, and wasn’t fair
She was gone, she didn’t care

Stormy Day

by Hannah Rubin

The sun plays hide and seek with the dark clouds coming in
And the lightning dances in the distance
The wind moves swiftly across the branches
The leaves twirl to the ground as the wind pushes them off the trees

I press my face against my living room window
The window fogs from by breath
I wish I could be outside playing

All I need
Is to learn to dance in the rain


by Felicia Shadwick

You step in front,
and see your reflection.
Staring back at you,
Only showing the outside
Not seeing inner-beauty
You step forward,
Place your hand on the cool glass,
and think, welcome to imperfection.

Inner Colors

by Stacey Schenk

I’m blue today. I cry out tears like a puddle of rain.
I’m red today. Full of rage and about to go insane.
I’m white today. Pure and innocent just like a saint.
I’m yellow today. Loud and crazy like finger paint.
I am a rainbow today. I’ll keep my promise even if I’m gray.


by Marcy Finley

I’m all alone
Alone in this world
No one understands
No one knows me
Just me myself and I
I sit alone
Alone on my roof
Just waiting to be noticed
I’m waiting
But maybe alone on this rooftop is where I’m supposed to be.
Just alone...


by Cheyenne Herd

I’m starting to get tired of this rain
ALL the yelling, crying, and uncontrollable pain
my body’s getting tense with fear
I just want to pack my bags and get out of here.
I want to get out and run.
I’m so fed up I’m finally done.
I’m so sick of the lies
as I sit here again and cry.


by Tyler Schrenk

I looked up at the sky. The sand white
smoke filled the crimson colored
sky. The cloud started to form in
the shape of a mushroom.

I looked straight ahead where I could
tell that the heat was coming closer to
me. I closed my eyes and realized there
was no way out.

The wind was close now I felt the air
getting hotter and hotter until it started
to burn. My eyes felt like there were
knives jammed in them. Then I opened
them and my body died by my soul

It was painless. It felt like nothing was
present. No air no sound just white light
and Him. I felt safe next to Him then he
brought me into his painless kingdom forever.

Then and Now

by Jade Taylor


Older...up’s and down’s.
Older...bad attitude.

I wish for younger.


by Zach Duff

His finger on the trigger
He’s looking through the scope
One target, One mission
Then he can go home

All he can think about
is his little boy. A face
he’s never seen but a
face he’s always love

Six years in the service
and one bullet can end it
all. The target is in his sight.
BOOM the job is done.


by Derek Minges

When you’re sick she takes care of you,
She cheers you up when you’re blue.

Mothers teach you where you need to go,
Mothers teach you what you need to know.

Mothers feed you when you’re small,
Sometimes they teach you to play ball.

Mothers fret when you are hurt,
Mothers hate when you muss up your shirt.

When trying new things Mothers give you a shove,
The reason they do it is out of love.

I love my Mother, yes I do,
I love my Mother, how about you?


by Amanda Baker

Sorrow lingers as thunder crashes
Rain spills from the dark rumbling sky
I sit and watch from afar
Think how we are so much alike
We both cry in darkness, and seem to boom with anger
I feel as if the sky understands
But oh how I loathe you the same
Free and wandering
While I stay grounded
Unable to reach the stars

It’s Almost Over

by Austin Howard

The summer is almost here
To free us of all our fear
Soon we can go out and play
No matter what time of the day
As for now I’m almost done
Of sitting in this prison
Having no fun.

The Barbarian

by Zach Burton

He is brave.
He is strong.
He has many enemies.

He fights men and beasts.
He has a giant sword, and
he uses it often.

He has slain many rulers,
raided palaces, and

He has no laws to obey.
He has no rules to follow.
He is the Barbarian.

If You’re Not First You’re Last

by Brian Frentzel

If you’re not first your lost
You don’t have to live in the past.
Just keep you head up and try again
Because eventually you will win.

You and I

by Rachel Robbins

Friends come and
Friends go bu
I know I always
Have you, you
Help me through
The good and the bad
And you’ll help me
Me through the
Things to come
You always know
When something’s wrong
The only problem is
You don’t open up
You can trust me
I’ll always be there
Through your good
And bad times
If you let me in I
Swear to you that
You’ll have a shoulder
To cry on and or a friend
To hang with and someone
You can always trust.

King Cobra

by Jordon Kinder

Every creature cowers beneath him
His hood spread over the land
Like a towering phantom
His sound shatters ears
Ssssss. His name
Explains it ...
King Cobra.
His kingly head
Spread atop his
Eighteen food body
He is truly the
King of the Jungle.


by Pamela Martinez

Sometimes...I feel as if I’m changing
Sometimes...I feel I’m going the wrong way out
Sometimes...I’m down
Sometimes...I win and lose

But then I gain courage and hope which always ends up making
those dreams and fears part of me.


by Abbie Fierman

pink, orange, yellow and blue
the sun going away from you

waving goodbye across the sky
in all colors to treat your eye

almost sad the sun hides
then glad when the suns arise

A Leaf

by Morgan Heck

I’m thin and paper-like
at the top of the tree
dangling from the branch

looking down on the earth below
as I sway in the wind
with the others around me

in the spring I’m turning green
bright as can be
the way I will stay for the summer

but when fall comes
my colors will change
from green to yellow and orange

as fall fades and winter comes
I will fall
making the branch bare

So Quietly

by Heather Howard

She sits there on so quietly
wanting to be heard
So full of great potential
yet she doesn’t say a word

She sits there oh so quietly
and thinks of new ideas
One day she might be famous
if they only understood

She sits there oh so quietly
ready to explode
to speak the truth
and tell them to back off

She sits there oh so quietly
way too tired to stand
Just because she’s colored
She doesn’t need to move for no white man.

She sits there oh so quietly
She doesn’t speak a word
as they hauled her off to jail
for refusal of the law.

She sits there oh so quietly
and smiles to herself
She can hear the angry mob
that’s trying to get her out.

She sits there oh so quietly
and prays to God alone
“Please help me change the world”
was all she had to say.

She decided not to be quiet any more
as she stands up for her rights
and then she knew she helped change the world
because now everything’s all right.

(Rosa Parks 1913-2005)

Little Red Dress

by Matt Clontz

Her hair is golden brown
she will win the crown.
Her self beauty has no
flaws. She makes her way
across the halls.
I start to stutter.
My words come out like butter.
My belly starts to flutter.
She leans in for the kiss
I lean in too.

Two years later she says
I Do.


by Tiffany Campbell

Look up.
What do you see?
I see this light blue
sky with clouds.

laying on the grass
wondering why
clouds are there
up in the sky.

The figures
the shapes
different positions
looking around
sad faces you see.

It starts to rain
droplets of water
no kids outside to play
in the sun summer

The dew it seeps
deep in the ground
children sleep with no sound.

Children wake
in despite
to see that the rain
has not yet dried.

Forgotten Brother

by Joshtin Comendador

The beach is warm and nice
I crash to the water suddenly
But when my throat dried up like a swarm of flies
My body shivered gradually.

I took a deep breath
And swam underwater
I blinked twice and drowned to death
then I rose up to find my forgotten brother.

Water trickled down my hand
I forgot about him
So I sprinted on the golden sand
When I smelled like hot steam

There was a loud beat in my heart
I could taste the sweat in my throat
I paced like a sonic dart
And only found his favorite tote.

People were everywhere
And heard voices in my ear
If he was lost, my mom would growl like an
angry bear But I had mighty courage
not fear.

In the distance
there was an ice cream stand
kids lined up like tiny ants
Finally I found him licking his ice cream
melting in his hand.


by Elizabeth Shannon

the people you know
the people who care
the people that can be crazy

these people are here
these people are there
these people are everywhere

they are close
they are near
they are very dear

they’re good
they’re bad
they’re so random

But they’re there for you
they’re one of a kind
so keep them around for a long time.

Her Day

by Brittany Johnson

As she walks down the aisle
all dressed in white
they match almost perfectly in height

As she strolled down
careful of each step
everyone sitting makes no sound

tears are rolling
and smiles are growing
the air is filled with
happiness cheer

Vows are said
promises are made
and just so we don’t miss
it all ends with a kiss


by Lynzie

I was terrified
sitting in that choir.
What do I do?
What do I say?
then they called my row.
What a rush.
As I walked through the door
I was determined
I could see that I had to wait
in a line that I couldn’t debate.
And in a flash I was next.
Waiting to be called.
And then I was.
I walked, sat, talked.
that was done. but
now is the time to wait
for the result of a
call back.

I Asked God

by Adam Forkner

I asked God
for a flower
he gave me
a bouquet
I asked God
for a minute
he gave me
a day
I asked God
for true love
he gave me
that too
I asked God
for an angel
he gave me

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