Boards and Commission Members

At its meeting on January 8th, Council appointed new members to the various Boards and Commissions. There were a great number of applications for these boards, and Council was pleased to see so many willing to serve their community. Many thanks to those who volunteer their time to make our City a better place to live. Terms expire on December 31 of the year indicated in parenthesis.

Planning Commission (4 year term)
Michael P. Morris (2008)
Steve Wood (2009)
Steven L. Campbell (2010)
James Berry (2011)
Bob Kelley (Council Representative)

Board of Zoning Appeals (5 year term)
John Robbins (2008)
Jonathon Nerenberg (2009)
Jeffrey Caron (2010)
Mary Detcher (2011)
Denis Stillman (2012)

Park and Recreation (5 year term)
Gary Allen (2008)
Dorothy Smith (2009)
Michael Szydel (2010)
Michael Gilmartin (2011)
Scott Triick (2012)
Anna Hale (Council Representative)

Personnel Board (5 year term)
Donna L. Bowman (2008)
John Routson(2009)
Patricia A. Arnold (2010)
Paul Rolich (2011)
Darrel Basford (2012)

Income Tax Board of Review (3 year term)
Robert Snook (2008)
Richard Kremer (2009)
Michael Brueggeman (2010)

Audit Committee (3 year term)
John Beagle (2008)
Virgil Maines (2008)
Mark Swartz (2010)
Karen Koloszar (2010)
Howard V. Wells (2010)
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