City and Historical Society Honor Joyce Tannruether

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The July 4th Open House at the Monroe Historical Society included a surprise (at least for Mrs. Tannruether). Joyce Tannruether was presented with a City Proclamation and a new plaque above the Board Room door.
Joyce arrived for the Open House and was pleasantly surprised by her many friends and fellow historians.
The Open House was well attended with tours throughout the afternoon. Cookies and punch were served along with a hearty dose of appreciation and congratulations for Mrs. Tannruether.
Mrs. Tannruether has been instrumental in many civic organizations, most notably in her ongoing work with the Historical Society. Text of the Proclamation is reprinted -below.
Monroe’s Historical Society is located on East Elm St. and houses many original artifacts and documents about the City.

JULY 4, 2007


WHEREAS, in 1967 a rustic log cabin was donated to Monroe as a gift, which resulted in the establishment of the Monroe Historical Society; and
WHEREAS, as the Monroe Historical Society grew additional property was donated; and
WHEREAS, Joyce Tannruether has dedicated many years of service as President and Executive Director of the Monroe Historical Society; and
WHEREAS, through the dream and dedication of Joyce Tannruether and other volunteers, the headquarters of the Monroe Historical Society representing the look of a Chickahominy House was constructed; and
WHEREAS, it is today that we take time to recognize Joyce as an energetic and tireless leader that she has been not only to the society, but to the City of Monroe; and
WHEREAS, it is through the dedication of citizens like Joyce Tannruether that keep the City of Monroe firmly founded and proudly growing.
NOW, THEREFORE, I Robert E. Routson, Mayor of the City of Monroe, Butler and Warren Counties, Ohio, do hereby urge the residents of our community to take time to recognize the efforts of Joyce Tannruether.

Robert E. Routson, Mayor
July 4, 2007


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