Youth Ain't What It Used To Be

Tag: Humor

My dad remembers being a kid. He used to walk to school, uphill both ways. It always seemed to be a perpetual, driving snow . . . even in summer (yeah, they had school 365 days of the year back then). Times were hard. Typically, these trips to school were made even more difficult because he had to carry his little brother on his back and all their books in his arms. These were the golden years of attempting to get an education.

I did not endure such hardships growing up. I traveled about a block or two to a community bus stop and waited in whatever weather Mother Nature thought was appropriate until the big, yellow school bus arrived. This was a great time for socializing. Not at home and not yet at school; there was an intrinsic freedom at the bus stop.

This brings me to my point of disgust. I see it everyday as I drive the two lane road from my "country" home to work in the big city. I contemplate the dim future in store for today's youth as I gaze up at the blinking, yellow and red lights that insist I DO NOT PASS. I wait as, one by one, today's youth board the school bus for their "oh so exiting" ride to academia. Now, when I say one by one, I mean one by one. The school bus of today does not stop and pick up Generation-Whatever en-masse at some secluded bus stop where the kids are free to socialize as a group. Oh no, today's buses stop at the end of each driveway along the two lane road that I take to work. Each kid is picked up in front of their own house! The bus stops dozens of times because, I assume, today's youth are too sensitive to be lumped together at a common "pick-up" point. It must be too much for their delicate psyches to handle. It's aggravating to say the least. Stop, start, stop, start and I've only moved one-hundred feet. This, however, is not the end of my aggravation. Not by a long shot.

Okay, I'll admit, as I take a deep breath, that rural kids would probably have a harder time getting to a "common" location to catch a bus. I guess if they could get to a "common" location then they could probably get all the way to school and cut out the middle-man. So, each kid trudges to the end of their driveway and waits in the harsh elements for yellow salvation to pick them up in the own front yard . . . or do they? The answer is no. Oh no, not these precious gems of the future. Get this; mom and dad DRIVE these youth from their houses to the end of their driveways where they wait for the bus to pick them up. Do mom and dad cast them out into the elements to wait alone on the cold, or hot, road? Nope, mom and dad WAIT WITH THEM, keeping them warm and toasty inside the family SUV. They are probably watching DVDs instead of fending for their lives against the cruelty of winter. During this quality time they probably discuss how bad it must have been to actually wait outside for the school bus to arrive. It is shear insanity.

Parents like these are doing a disservice to the next generation and helping to weaken the character of the heirs to this great nation. I guess this should not surprise me since this generation has no idea what it was like before computers, instant gratification and satellite TV. I beg each of you to park a couple blocks away from work today, preferably at the bottom of a big hill. Then, regardless of the weather, walk to the front door of your place of business. When you get inside, or on your break, take a moment to call your mom or dad and thank them for making you walk to a "real" bus stop. Then take some time to chat a while about the good ol' days.

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