Construction begins on SR63

Construction began this week on the widening of State Route 63 east of the I-75 Interchange. The project is the long awaited widening of the road between Senate Drive and Monroe's eastern corporation line. The improvements will move Corridor Park Drive to the west to align it with Senate Drive. A traffic signal will be installed at this new intersection. The new road to the south will be the main access to the planned Cincinnati Premium Outlets, expected to be open in late 2008. The road improvements will also include a dedicated left turn lane for Traders World, whose access drive is being moved to the east 250 feet. This access drive will align directly across from a proposed road that will eventually connect to Butler Warren Road and someday possibly tie into Cox Road. Once the new road to the south is constructed, a traffic signal will be placed at this intersection also. Construction is expected to take all summer and complete in the fall. So expect delays heading toward the east. The State will pick up the improvements at Senate Drive and head west to Lawton Avenue when they begin construction on the new ramps for the I75/SR63 bridge in 2008. Expect those improvements to take two years. SR63 will also be resurfaced this year. The resurfacing will take place from Lawton Avenue at the east to SR4 on the west. This project has not yet been scheduled to start, but should begin this spring. The resurfacing project will also include an addition of a right turn lane at Yankee Road and the lengthening of the right turn lane into the Colonial Manor subdivision. As always, be careful in all construction areas. Those are someone's parents and children working to improve our roads. Maybe someone you know.
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