Ohio Achievement Testing

State testing will take place at Monroe Elementary in April. The following are the dates for specific grade levels:
3rd Grade: Reading - April 20;  Math - April 22
4th Grade: Reading - April 20; Math - April 22
5th Grade: Reading: April 19; Math - April 21; Science - April 23
6th Grade: Reading April 19; Math - April 21st
Test Taking Tips
• Sleep – Get a good night’s sleep
• Breakfast – Eat a good protein breakfast.
• Relax – It is too late to worry about testing, now relax and SHOW what you have LEARNED throughout the YEAR! If you get nervous, take a few deep breaths slowly to relax yourself
• On Time – Make sure that you are to school on time. This could cause some additional anxiety.
• Re-Read – When taking a test, always remember to read and reread the questions to make sure the answers match the question. This is extremely important in multiple choice questions and extended response questions. Read more »