Elementary Hosts SOSI

Imagine giving up a large chunk of your summer vacation during perfect weather to attend a two-week, 80-hour seminar.... It’s finally time for a lunch break, and the attendees spill out into the hallways....

You would expect to see a group of fairly drowsy, possibly grumpy, people who can’t wait for the day to end. Read more »

Back to School Time for Monroe Elementary Students

  Summer is a very busy time at Monroe Elementary. The cleaning of classrooms, halls, and the offices, is nearly completed. New orders for instructional materials and books are arriving daily in preparation for the 2007-2008 school year. Read more »

Monroe Primary Building to Open in August

The former Monroe Elementary is swarming with workers this summer, getting ready to open Monroe’s newest school – the Monroe Primary School.
The building will house preschool and kindergarten classes this fall, with additional grades added each of the next few school years.
Butler Tech has been housing Greentree Academy in the building for the last several years and has made upgrades to the electrical system and the technology infrastructure. Greentree is moving into the newer wing of the old high school building on the same site.

Monroe Kindergarten/Preschool Students Wrap Up the Year

May brought a busy but great end to the 06-07 school year for the Kindergarten and Preschool classes at Monroe Elementary. They visited Niederman Farm where they had the opportunity to see and pet many farm animals, including several babies. They learned about and milked a fiberglass dairy cow. They also took a hay ride to the pumpkin patch where they planted seeds and learned about how those seeds will grow into pumpkins. If you have the chance to visit this fall, you may get to see the pumpkins the children planted!

The Second Grade Experience

This is Buzz Hornet reporting from Monroe Elementary again. I have been talking to the second grade students about their academic experience this year. There were many things the students highlighted about their academic experience as a second grader. Let’s see what they had to say! “I like math because my teacher makes us do it in a fun way. We do writing, science, social studies, spelling, and reading and my teacher makes it all fun. People say school is boring but I don’t think that!” – Reid

Garden Club Presents Arbor Day Trees



Monroe Elementary School Third grade students were presented red bud trees in observance of Arbor Day by Peggy Abernathy and Anna Hale of the Monroe Garden Club. Shown are students of Mrs. Jo Ashworth's 3rd graders from the left Cheyne Carpenter, Jenny Horvat, Allison Collins, Michael Storer, Miranda Kelly, Bailey Jones, Malakai Bailey, Blake Burson, and Peggy Abernathy and Anna Hale.

Saturday Safari, May 19th

Authors and illustrators Scott Nickel and Steve Harpster will present at the May 19th Saturday Safari at Monroe Elementary. The presentation will begin at 10:30 A.M. in the elementary media center. Scott and Steve have worked together on the following books: Night of the Homework Zombies, Jimmy Sniffles Dognapped!, Curse of the Red Scorpion, The Boy Who Burped too Much, and Blast to the Past. Scott Nickel has created hundreds of humorous greeting cards and produces the comic strip, Triple Take, which is currently syndicated in about 40 newspapers. Scott lives in Indiana. Steve Harpster is the creator of over 60 children’s books. He lives in Worthington, Ohio. You can visit his website at www.studioharpster.com .

Sixth Grade News

This continues to be an exciting year in sixth grade. Our students continue to strive towards excellence both academically and behaviorally. To award students who continually meet these high expectations, the sixth grade has developed the STARR program. Recently, our sixth grade STARR students had the opportunity to go to the Red’s Hall of Fame and had an amazing experience there. We greatly anticipate our next incentive trip where STARR students will be going to the Paul Brown Stadium. Read more »

Celebrate Ohio

On Friday, March 2, the 4th graders at Monroe Elementary celebrated Ohio's 204th birthday. All 165 4th grade students gathered in the Monroe Local Schools Auditorium to welcome our special guests, State Representative Bill Coley and Senator Gary Cates. Since the 4th grade curriculum includes Ohio History and government the congressmen spoke to our students about their duties as political representatives in our state. Rep. Coley also spoke to the students about the importance of character. The students then had the opportunity to show our guests a few of the Power Point presentations they made in class about Ohio. They also put together an Ohio flag explaining what each part of the flag represents. At this time, the classes and our guests went to the cafeteria to celebrabrate.

Fantastic First Graders

The children have blossomed into wonderful readers. They are growing more and more each day. They are learning so much in all areas. In math they are adding and subtracting single and double digits with regrouping. They are studying shapes like rhombus, parallelograms, trapezoids, ellipse, pentagon, and hexagons along with the traditional circle, square, triangle, and rectangle. They are measuring cups, pints, quarts, gallons, liters, grams, kilograms, inches, and centimeters. They are learning the face and value of a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, and dollar. They are learning about time to the hour and ½ hour on an analog and digital clock. In language arts they are learning how to read by using many different strategies like phonics, weekly spelling and sight words, using repetition, using words you know, and decoding skills. They are learning weekly indicators like main idea, compare and contrast using graphic organizers, realism and fantasy, cause and effect, sequencing, characters, setting, and classifying to name a few. In writing they are implementing what they know into each subject area.