Lost Dog

Have You Seen Me?

Schatzi has been missing since early morning July 20th in Monroe Meadows near Gorman, Davis & Sackett Drives. She was wearing an orange electric fence collar. She is 14 yrs old and doesn't see or hear very well. C&C is offering a $50 reward. Anyone can contact us at (513) 360-0275.

Have you seen me?

BuddyPosted for Betty Jo....
I lost Buddy on 3-25-07. We were walking down Sackett Drive in Monroe Meadows where we live when two dogs came bounding out of a yard and scared Buddy so badly that he ran the two blocks back to our home on Davis Drive. He was almost back home when two young boys, thinking they were helping, chased him trying to pick him up. Buddy was abused before I rescued him from P.A.W.S and, as a result, he was very skittish and especially afraid of strangers. My husband passed away 1-1/2 years ago, and losing Buddy has been very painful. I have had ads in the Middletown Journal (in fact, I put one in just the weekend before last). I have put up fliers every place that I could with the help of four different neighbors. I took fliers to vets that are nearby and went to Animal Friends Humane Society as well as P.A.W.S. My niece works at Animal Friends so she has kept a daily check for me. Buddy pulled out of his collar so he has no tags but he does have a microchip. He weighs about nine pounds and is about nine years old. He is a reddish color with a white chest and has long hair and a fluffy tail. He is a chihuahua/pomeranian mix, and some people say he looks like a little fox.

If you have any information about Buddy, please email Betty Jo (click here) .