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Car Accident and Work Injury

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It is very important to get yourself diagnosed as soon as possible if you have been in an auto accident, no matter how minor it may have seemed at the time, or have sustained an injury on the job. At first, you may feel ok only later to develop neck pain, back pain, stiffness, headaches, sleeping problems, fatigue, weakness, memory problems, blurry vision, and ringing in ears due to soft tissue and spinal injuries, which could take up to weeks, months, or even years! Your symptoms and pain may become worse over time without proper care and eventually become completely debilitating preventing even normal daily activities. Gentle chiropractic care without risky surgery or dangerous drugs, which can mask symptoms, can help with pain relief, increase mobility and nerve function, improve strength and stability, improve range of motion, and improve body mechanics. Essentially, chiropractic care can help give you your life back and improve your overall health!

Chiropractic Explained


1. God put the most powerful healing force in our Brain and Spinal Cord (our Nervous System) and as long as that healing power can flow clearly from the brain to body, optimal Health and healing is experienced!

2. God surrounded that Brain and Spinal Cord with a bony encasement called the skull and vertebrae.

3. The vertebral subluxation (spinal vertebrae "pinching" the spinal cord or nerves) blocks the life-giving source of all Health and function.

4. The vertebral subluxation is the cause of sickness, dysfunction and all dis-ease.

. The chiropractic adjustment corrects vertebral subluxation, thus the cause of all dis-ease.

6. Chiropractic begins with and works with the source of life within the body (Innate Intelligence/Healing Force) and restores Health by restoring the flow of source within man; adding nothing, subtracting nothing to or from the human body, to make it well.

7. Specific, subluxation-based chiropractic gets the sick well, and has done so in a superior manner for over 100+ years! Read more »

Mount Pleasant Retirement Village is the Key

Mount Pleasant Retirement Village & Llanfair are the Keys to Memory
Mount Pleasant Retirement Village, sister community, Llanfair in Cincinnati, and Senior Independence have trained their nursing staff about dementia care through a four part seminar. They are now taking this educational seminar on the road to area hospital staff.  Mount Pleasant, Llanfair and Senior Independence are owned and operated by Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.
Ed Stinson, Director of Education for OPRS, has written an educational program titled Memory Makers.  The seminar currently has four parts and Mr. Stinson is writing an additional two.  The first four are; 
Overview of Dementia
Intense Workshop of Communication Techniques with Validation and Reality Therapy
Behavioral Intervention
101 Activities to do with Residents/Patients afflicted with Dementia.
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Preparing for a Possible Flu Pandemic

With school starting up, so does the flu season. The Swine flu (or H1N1 virus) is expected to return during the usual flu season (generally beginning late September to early October). The following information was compiled from

You can prepare for an influenza pandemic now. You should know both the magnitude of what can happen during a pandemic outbreak and what actions you can take to help lessen the impact of an influenza pandemic on you and your family. This checklist will help you gather the information and resources you may need in case of a flu pandemic.

To plan for a pandemic: Read more »