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Before we can make a change in our lives, we must first understand what it is that we wish to alter. “Stress” is a common name in our society today. Stress is a physical, chemical or emotional factor that causes bodily or mental tension—it may be a factor in disease causation. We would much prefer to be in a state of “ease”—the state of comfort, free from labor or difficulty; effortlessness; naturalness. If stress is ignored, it can lead to distress and disease. Read more »


Managing Physical Stress

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The easiest and most cost-effective activity to manage the daily physical stress on your body is MOVEMENT. Life is motion. Motion is life. The concept is so simple but very profound. If you take an informal poll of those individuals who appear to be healthy . . . you will most probably find a common trait – they keep moving. If you think about all the processes going on in the body – blood circulation, oxygen moving into your lungs, nerve signals passing throughout your body . . . they all require motion. Read more »