Chiropractic and Disc Injury

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Ruptured disc, herniated discs, disc disease are common terms that are often related to neck and back pain. Each of the 24 vertebrae of the spinal column has 6 joints—4 at the back of the bones that allow and control spinal movement (aligned vertically) and 2 at the top and bottom of each vertebrae. These 2 joints are weight bearing and are aligned horizontally. There is an intervertebral disc between each pair of vertebrae (except between the top 2 in the neck). The discs become progressively smaller as they go up the spine. Read more »


The Spine/Body Connection

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Each year, just in your own neighborhood, hundreds of people experience episodes of low back pain, sciatica, constant headaches, or neck pain—all of which greatly affect their quality of life. Many will go to their medical doctor for medication to treat their pain. The sad truth is that simply taking pain medication won’t cure the cause of their pain and may even cause more problems. Chiropractic care is often more effective in solving the cause/source of your pain, tingling, or numbness than nearly any other form of health care. Read more »