Library Levy on Ballot Tuesday, May 4

The Middletown Library system has been serving the City of Middletown since 1913.   In addition to Middletown, the Library also serves Monroe, Trenton, Seven Mile and the townships of West Chester, Madison, Liberty, Wayne and Lemon.
Libraries in Ohio are funded by the Public Library Fund which for Middletown comprises over 93% of our resources in which to operate.  The State's financial crisis has had a significant impact upon all libraries across our state since library funding is derived from the state's general revenue fund.   The trickle down effect has impacted the Middletown Library system in the following ways: Read more »

Superintendent Lolli will speak at Mount Pleasant Retirement Village


All residents of Monroe are invited to attend a meeting discussing the school levy to be voted on in November.

Superintendent of Monroe Local Schools, Elizabeth J. Lolli, will be the speaker of the meeting. She will explain the importance of this levy passing and why it’s needed to help the school district. The meeting will take place on Monday, October 12 at 3:00 pm. It will be held in the Mount Pleasant Retirement Village Chapel located at 225 Britton Lane.

Levy Allows Great Opportunity for Monroe

submitted by Amanda Phipps
Seven weeks is the amount of time between now and Election Day. Monroe Local Schools will have a levy on the ballot. With a YES vote, our citizens will have the opportunity to give  much-needed additional revenue to our school district, WITHOUT raising taxes for existing homeowners and businesses.

Monroe Local Schools are partly funded by three emergency levies that together generate $3.5 million dollars. This current levy system does not allow our district to collect additional monies from the new homes and businesses that are built within the district. The growth of new homes and new jobs, brings new families. This means additional enrollment for the schools, but there is no more money being provided to nurture and educate these children. Just last year, enrollment was up by 140 students in our school district. Read more »