Mount Pleasant to hold Early Stage Strategy Group for Alzheimer's Association

Alzheimer's Association of Greater Cincinnati to hold Free Educational and Supportive Group Sessions at Mount Pleasant Retirement Village

Monroe, Ohio  The Alzheimer's Association of Greater Cincinnati will offer a series of group sessions to the person who is mildly cognitively impaired and a family member. These sessions are educational and supportive and address the clinical aspects of the disease, the impact of the diagnosis on self and family members, changes in communication and behaviors, and coping strategies.  The sessions are facilitated by professionals knowledgeable about Alzheimer's disease and the family dynamics. 

Persons who have been diagnosed with an irreversible dementia in the early stages and a family member are appropriate for these sessions.  Participants must be aware of their illness and be willing and able to share in a group setting.  Facilitators for these sessions will be Bernie Sanders, BA, LSW and Kathleen McFalls, MSW, LISW-S with the Alzheimer's Association of Greater Cincinnati Butler-Clinton-Warren Branch.  Read more »