Public Meeting for City Comprehensive Plan

03/26/2009 6:30 pm
03/26/2009 8:30 pm

The City of Monroe has been working on a major update of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. Over the last year, a committee made up of residents, business owners, township and school representatives, developers, and council members have been meeting to discuss future infrastructure needs and zoning requirements.

A citizen survey was done to determine what Monroe’s residents like and dislike about the city, and what improvements they would like to see. Poggemeyer Design Group has been working with the committee to incorporate these ideas into the city’s master plan.

In addition to population projections, the plan looks at needs for parks, roads, and development growth. Read more »

Boards and Commission Members

At its meeting on January 8th, Council appointed new members to the various Boards and Commissions. There were a great number of applications for these boards, and Council was pleased to see so many willing to serve their community. Many thanks to those who volunteer their time to make our City a better place to live. Terms expire on December 31 of the year indicated in parenthesis.

Planning Commission (4 year term)
Michael P. Morris (2008)
Steve Wood (2009)
Steven L. Campbell (2010)
James Berry (2011)
Bob Kelley (Council Representative)

Get Involved in Your City Government

The City of Monroe has several boards and commissions that are made up of volunteers of the community. The following is a brief description of each. If you are interested in serving on a board or commission, please submit a letter of interest to Angela S. Wasson, Clerk of Council, City of Monroe, 233 South Main Street, P. O. Box 330, Monroe, Ohio 45050 or email to Angela Wasson no later than January 3, 2008. Read more »