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Housh Family Opens GreenSource Cincinnati Downtown

State and local officials at GreenSource Cincinnati's grand opening March 18 called the $1.5 million green building products center "visionary" and "cutting edge."
About 150 people attended and toured the building to see energy-efficient HVAC systems, electrical technologies, water reclamation systems, green roof systems, a green data center, and other products. Monroe Mechanical, Inc., which renovated a historic building in downtown Cincinnati for $1.5 million, sells, installs and maintains products and systems displayed there.
Brewster Rhoads, regional director of Governor Strickland's southwest office, said GreenSource Cincinnati demonstrates that Ohio is on the cutting edge of the green building movement in America. "By exhibiting the latest innovative technologies, materials and methods that promote energy efficiency and environmental responsibility, GreenSource is becoming the Pied Piper for the movement to transform our build environment into an engine of sustainable economic development and stewardship," said Rhoads. Read more »

Third Generation Brings Back the Housh Family Name


submitted by Melinda Zimper

Ez and Will Housh are reclaiming their three generations in residential heating and air conditioning by restoring the Housh name to its Monroe Mechanical brand and opening Housh - The Home Energy ExpertsTM.

The new company will be located at Monroe Mechanical, 225 American Way, Monroe, Ohio, and will offer more than traditional heating and air conditioning. The company plans to take a whole-house approach to help customers save money through cost-saving energy audits and energy-saving windows, insulation, water-saving plumbing fixtures, and the application of solar technologies. Read more »

Monroe Mechanical to Renovate Downtown Building as a “Green Source” for Building Products

Monroe Mechanical, Inc. has purchased a historic downtown Cincinnati building and is transforming it to become a regional ‘GreenSource’ for environmentally-friendly construction products and services. 

Renovation has begun on a building originally built in 1875 at 19 E. 8th Street to create a Midwest resource center. 

GreenSource will be a showroom for manufacturers to display green HVAC and electrical technologies, water reclamation systems, green roof systems, a green data center, and other products, said Ez Housh, president of Monroe Mechanical. Focus will be on green commercial buildings.

Estimated completion date will be July, 2009 with a grand opening to be scheduled upon completion. Read more »