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Chiropractic Explained


1. God put the most powerful healing force in our Brain and Spinal Cord (our Nervous System) and as long as that healing power can flow clearly from the brain to body, optimal Health and healing is experienced!

2. God surrounded that Brain and Spinal Cord with a bony encasement called the skull and vertebrae.

3. The vertebral subluxation (spinal vertebrae "pinching" the spinal cord or nerves) blocks the life-giving source of all Health and function.

4. The vertebral subluxation is the cause of sickness, dysfunction and all dis-ease.

. The chiropractic adjustment corrects vertebral subluxation, thus the cause of all dis-ease.

6. Chiropractic begins with and works with the source of life within the body (Innate Intelligence/Healing Force) and restores Health by restoring the flow of source within man; adding nothing, subtracting nothing to or from the human body, to make it well.

7. Specific, subluxation-based chiropractic gets the sick well, and has done so in a superior manner for over 100+ years! Read more »

Help A Hornet Fundraisers for Austin Pate

Eighth-grader Austin Pate was severely injured in a construction accident last summer. He is recovering, but this will be a slow process. The "Moms of Monroe" have set up several events to help Austin's family with medical expenses:

Upcoming events:
Tuesday, October 6th - Dough Rai$ertm at Uno Chicago Grill at the Union Centre location. You will need a donation ticket to present to server when you order and 20% of your food purchase will go to the Austin Pate Relief Fund. Tickets will be available at the September 28th Jr. High football bake sale booth or by calling Cindy Marshall at 513-304-8764.
Wednesday October 7th - Bake Sale and 50/50 drawing with winning ticket drawn at halftime of 8th grade game at the Monroe Jr. High home football game. Games start at5 p.m.

October 1-October 31 - Hyland Family Chiropractic, any new patient can come in and receive the 1st day services for only $40, and 100% of these proceeds go directly to the Pate family to help pay for medical expenses. 40 is Austin's football jersey number. Read more »

Hyland Family Chiropractic Ribbon Cutting

Hyland Family Chiropractic officially opened on February 6 at 7 East St. (former location of Dr. Tranovich). Dr. Hyland is licensed in adjusting techniques for adults and children. More information is available at www.HylandFamilyChiro.com.