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Invisible Fences – the Perfect Solution?

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The volunteers at C&C have recently been coming across dogs leaving the confines of their electric fences. While these containment systems are becoming quite popular, we thought we should let prospective buyers (and current owners) know the hidden dangers.

Invisible-type fences work by utilizing an electronic collar kept around your pet’s neck which reads impulses from underground wires or radiowave units. When your pet gets near the border of your yard, the computer generates a signal causing a small electro shock or stimulation to surprise your pet and scare them away from the boundary, therefore keeping them within the confines of your yard.

There are advantages to this system; i.e. lower cost than traditional fencing, conform to HOA rules, the ability to be run around pools, spas, gardens or off-limits play areas, and even underwater or through rocky, hilly or wooded areas. Any design or type of area can be customized for your pet. There are even systems that can be run indoors to keep your pets off counters, furniture, out of the baby’s room, etc. Read more »


Stray Animals on the Rise in Monroe

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Spring is here and the volunteers with Catnip & Carrots Animal Bunch have seen an increased number of strays running loose in Monroe. Sadly, these animals are NOT wearing tags or collars! Whether on main thoroughfares like Route 63 or lost in your neighborhood, these innocent animals are scared, stopping traffic and oblivious to the dangers they are causing residents and drivers. And should you try and catch a stray pet and be bitten or scratched? That good deed could lead to painful and lengthy rabies treatments. Read more »