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Rollbacks, Appraised Values and More...

Happy New Year Monroe! January is typically the month when tax bills arrive. I got mine just last week. So, I thought I would take advantage of this month’s article to explain a little bit about how to read your tax bill.

The first thing to look at is the appraised value. You should see an appraised land value and a building value for a total appraised value. This is not the amount that you are taxed on. Taxes are charged on the assessed value which is equal to 35% of the appraised value. So if you house is appraised for $100,000 then you pay taxes on $35,000. Read more »


District Has Lowest Per Pupil Cost in County

Most months, my financial report is pretty boring. We brought in this much money and we spent this much money, etc. However, this month I have some really exciting news to share with you.
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Homestead Exemption for Seniors and Disabled

For homeowners over the age of 65, you only have until October 1, 2007 to file for the Homestead Exemption for your property taxes for this tax year. In order to qualify for the Homestead Exemption Program you must be a homeowner who meets one of the following criteria: a) age 65 or over; b) spouse (at least 59 years) of a decease homeowner who was receiving the homestead exemption at the time of death; or c) totally and permanently disabled.

EZ Pay for Monroe Schools

Monroe Local Schools are offering to all parents SPS EZpay.

School Treasurer's News

Hi! My name is Kelley Thorpe and I am the new Treasurer at Monroe Local Schools. I know that not all of the citizens of Monroe are able to attend Monroe Board of Education meetings, so I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a little about the financial status of the Monroe Local School District. Read more »