EZ Pay for Monroe Schools

Monroe Local Schools are offering to all parents SPS EZpay.

Web Discourse for the Newly Elected Official

Seems to me that every person elected to a position ought to at least try to communicate via the web to those they represent.

When we were a smaller city, word spread easier. Heck, you would tell one person anything and shortly afterward, everyone would hear.

No so today with 8000 residents in Monroe. We rely on the newspaper and the web. But we don't hear enough.

I want to know where Jamie Pierce stands on the tax abatement issue, but I haven't had time to attend a school board meeting where I could ask him in person. Read more »


School Treasurer's News

Hi! My name is Kelley Thorpe and I am the new Treasurer at Monroe Local Schools. I know that not all of the citizens of Monroe are able to attend Monroe Board of Education meetings, so I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a little about the financial status of the Monroe Local School District. Read more »


Youth Ain't What It Used To Be

Tag: Humor

My dad remembers being a kid. He used to walk to school, uphill both ways. It always seemed to be a perpetual, driving snow . . . even in summer (yeah, they had school 365 days of the year back then). Times were hard. Typically, these trips to school were made even more difficult because he had to carry his little brother on his back and all their books in his arms. These were the golden years of attempting to get an education.

I did not endure such hardships growing up. I traveled about a block or two to a community bus stop and waited in whatever weather Mother Nature thought was appropriate until the big, yellow school bus arrived. This was a great time for socializing. Not at home and not yet at school; there was an intrinsic freedom at the bus stop. Read more »


City Manager's Salary Increase

Mr. Brock received an increase in salary on Tuesday night and this has generated a lot of discussion on The Voice and in the community. Thanks to those who came to the meeting to find answers. The Council voted unanimously for the increase. Although on the surface, a 16% increase may seem excessive, there are many factors that went into the decision. Here are but a few: Read more »


First edition at the printer

Well, it's been a long weekend, but the first edition of the Observer is now at the printer. Look for delivery this weekend!