May 6th Weather: Warmer with storms coming!

The warm up has begun! I don't if its me but I have had enough of the rain and cool weather! I am ready for spring time weather! Friday looks nice with highs in the upper 60's! There is a slight chance of a scattered shower or storm. The weekend looks decent but we may a shot of seeing a scattered storms Saturday and Sunday. Right now its between a 30%-40% chance. Next week looks warm with highs in the 70's and 80's. Severe weather may become an issue next week across the region. As the time gets closer I will keep you informed! Thanks for reading!


May 3rd Weather: Unseasonable Cool Weather for May

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Good evening we had yet another cool and rainy day across the area with highs in the 50's. Tuesday will be cooler with highs barely making it to 50. In May standards its going to be downright cold outside. Throughout the day on Tuesday we will see the chance of scattered showers. That chance of showers will linger into the day on Wednesday but we may see some peaks of sunshine by Wednesday afternoon. Thursday we finally get back into more spring like weather with highs in the 60's under sunny skies. Read more »


May Weather Outlook

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I am back with my monthly updates and what a month to do an update! The spring of 2011 has started as the wettest in history! April set a record as the wettest month in recorded history. The showers and thunderstorms of April added up to a total accumulation of more than fourteen inches of rain. Simply unbelievable! April temperatures were consistently mild but there were several days of cool weather. During April we didn’t see much in the way of really warm weather. April had only one 80+-degree day and that was during the middle part of the month when temperatures reached 85 degrees. Will May continue the spell of wet and cooler than normal weather? Read more »


City Council Seats Up?

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Anyone know when the city council seats are going to be up for re-election and are there any interested parties? I may have some interesting information about a current council member that could help your campaign. 



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Anyone know what the rules are for 501C organizations?  What do they have to file with the IRS.  What happens if they are misusing 'non-profit' funds for personal use?  Should this information get turned over to authorities? 

I think this needs further investigation. Make sure you know, and I mean really know, the people you're working with.  There are crooks out there disguised as good parents taking your money and using it for their personal needs and not for non-profit fundraising.  It will all come out in time and some of the players will surprise and shock you - it's disgusting how they take advantage of others by lying and stealing.  Karma.  Do you hear me?  K-A-R-M-A....


Hurricane Ike



Generational Memories

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Each generation has its own special memories.

My parents were living on the other side of Butler County in 1943, the year that I was born, but those who grew up in this part of the world experienced the same situation, information, cost of living, and type of lifestyle that I am going to share with you today.

I was born during World War II, so that made me older than the “Baby Boom” generation and younger than the Depression generation. Still, there were some very notable and memorable things that went on, besides my birth. The following is a small grouping of those happenings.

The New York Yankees won the World Series (go figure). The Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup. The Heisman Trophy winner was Angelo Bertelli of Notre Dame. Wyoming won the NCAA Basketball championship. The U.S. Golf Open was not held, due to the war. The Indianapolis 500 was not held due to the war. Read more »


Effective Treatment for Chronic Low Back Pain and Whiplash

Believe it or not some people still hold on to unsupported beliefs that chiropractic treatment is unscientific. In view of the fact that thousands of studies exist showing the efficacy of chiropractic treatment, let us explore some of the current science. Read more »


Change of salons

Nicole Watts that was orignally at Great clips in monroe is now at The Mane Stop in monroe, please call 539-8810 to see when she is working. thanks niki watts

Hello and Welcome to The Occasional Reader

Welcome to The Occasional Reader.  My name is Marc Rubin and I live in Monroe Ohio.  I am a curious reader.  History, science, novels - all I ask is that the writer open my eyes to a new idea, experience, frame of reference.  One section of my bookshelf is devoted to books that caught my attention and held me to the very end.  Read more »